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Our Materials

Fabric plays a huge part in our endeavor to be conscious. We are committed to working with high quality, durable, and innovative fabrics that are either carefully produced in-house or curated through certified suppliers. Our products are made using natural fibers such as Bemberg, Viscose, recycled polyester, and organic cotton.

Discover more about our core fabrics.


The perfect example of one’s trash is another’s treasure. Recycled polyester is made from recycled PET bottles and polyester fabrics by breaking down used plastic into small, thin chips, which are processed and eventually turned into yarn.

When it comes to feeling, recycled polyester is soft yet extremely durable and wrinkle resistant.

Like regular polyester, recycled polyester is also made from synthetic fibers so we ask to use a filter or wash bag like Guppy Bag to prevent microfibre pollution. 

Image by Cindy C
Dyed Silk


A versatile fabric, Viscose is known to take on the properties of silk, cotton, wool, and others, and can be a seasonless fabric. It’s a biodegradable fabric made from purified cellulose fibers, which are typically created from wood pulp.

Soft, comfortable, absorbent, and breathable, Viscose can easily be dyed in vivid colors and is derived from renewable raw materials. Clothes made out of Viscose look great year after year as the fabric doesn’t pill. 

We are constantly improving the origin of our materials and the way we make our collections.


A type of Rayon, Modal comes from the wood pulp of several different trees. The best part, it also uses 20 times less water as compared to any other regular textile fabric.

Described as cozy, breathable, and soft as a hug, modal is uber comfortable, light, and flexible. The fine fabric looks like silk, doesn’t shrink or crease, and makes for an amazing drape.

It provides the perfect stretch while preserving durability. Even better, it doesn’t pill after extended wear. 

Gold Fabric
Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Bemberg is created from the regenerated cellulose fiber around the cottonseed that is usually discarded in the production of cotton.

Luxurious, silky soft, and smooth on the skin, Bemberg is often used as a cost-effective substitute for silk.

Also in comparison to other natural fibers, Bemberg has the lowest abrasion recorded from fabrics. It’s an all-season fabric and given its ability to absorb and release moisture quickly it keeps the wearer feeling fresh and comfortable. 

We constantly challenge ourselves to push boundaries in order to bring you timeless products in a way that is kind to people and the planet.


Health and environmentally friendly, Organic Cotton is made from natural seeds and processed without any artificial inputs, toxic chemicals or genetically modified organisms.

The process of growing organic cotton even involves conserving water and using rainwater more efficiently. As a result, organic cotton products care for the environment, the health of others, support wildlife, and are kind to your skin.

Clothes made out of organic cotton are softer, hypoallergenic, and last for a long time.

White Cotton Fabric
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