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Our Journey is
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Here is how we are committing to a clean beginning

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The fashion industry, as it is today, contributes to huge environmental and social problems. Our focus is to give you timeless wardrobe essentials that are responsibly made and ethically produced.

Our resolve is to liberate our stance from the sidelines and move center stage as we commit ourselves to Clean Fashion and Transparency. Taking baby steps towards using fashion as a force for good, we are setting up systems that will ensure that our supply chain, manufacturing processes are as clean as they possibly can be.

We are undertaking a journey that’s new to all of us and we vow to take every curveball in our stride and pave a path to a brand that brings forward the best of all worlds - a healthy planet, happy people, and fashion that’s made in a safe and ethical working environment whilst ensuring efficient and green usage of all resources.

With our heart set on building a brand that is transparent, circular, and inclusive, we promise to deliver timeless products that are carefully crafted for the women of now. 


We are well aware that the fashion industry needs to change, which is why we need to have full control over our supply chain. Our products are thoughtfully designed and our fabrics are meticulously produced in-house or are curated only from trusted suppliers.

Every piece of clothing we will make is aimed at reducing the footprint emission. That includes using high quality and innovative fabrics that use fewer resources in production and minimize the adverse impact on human health. Fabric plays a huge part in our endeavor to be conscious, learn more about our material selection.

Our next step to being conscious will be fortified through our packaging. Our orders are shipped in compostable bags made from corn starch and boxes made from recycled cardboard & potato waste. Remember, your choice to invest in clean fashion - one that doesn’t harm the planet or its people - is a vote for change. 

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The systems we rely on to make, sell, and dispose of clothing are broken. Operating in a linear way, copious amounts of non-renewable resources are continually extricated to create clothes we love, which eventually end up in landfills or get incinerated. To change this inadequate system, unparalleled levels of commitment and innovation are required.

This is why we take into consideration how a product will be made, used, and ultimately disposed of in a way so that it doesn’t harm the environment - thereby contributing to a circular system. By using single fibers rather than blends, easily removable hardware, and trims and using safe dyes and finishes, we are doing our part to zero out on waste and pollution.

Focusing on longevity, efficiency, and good ethics, all our clothes are designed so that when the time comes, the products can be easily recycled. By committing to being Circular, we are taking our resolve to be conscious up a notch. We will evolve from just reducing the impact to making a positive impact. 

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