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Get inspired by these celeb stories and learn why switching to an eco-friendly life is important to.

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Eco-friendly - The one term that’s clearly here to stay.

But what does it really mean to be eco-friendly?

The simplest way to define what being eco-friendly means is to say that it is the act of living with the intent of not harming the environment. Being eco-friendly goes far beyond just turning off lights when you leave the room — it is about changing the purpose of how you live.

Not sure how to incorporate sustainability into your daily lifestyle? Why not take some celeb inspiration? Get inspired by these pro-active environment loving celebrities and learn why living a conscious life is important.


Arizona Muse

If you are looking for a refreshing take on sustainability minus the cloud of seriousness that usually surrounds the topic, Arizona Muse is the person to follow.

Arizona has a thriving decade-old career as a supermodel but sustainability and motherhood are her current driving forces. Her take on Biodynamic farming, travel, and buying pre-owned clothes will grip you (gripped us for sure!).

She even ranks her outfits’ green potential on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, her Sustainable Sunday videos are a delight to watch. Ultimately she wants to start a business that actually and actively fosters change.


Miranda Kerr

For Australian supermodel and Victoria Secret Angel Miranda Kerr, sustainability is a way of life that begins at home, quite literally. Her home in Malibu has infrared sauna, organic fruits and vegetables garden, and Skywater 3000, a machine that collects the moisture in the air and produces water.

Among her, many environmentally conscious choices is her organic skincare brand ‘Kora’. She’s raising her children the same way using Kora products for them as well.

She’s a passionate environmentalist as she was raised on a farm and is deeply involved with the Australian koala preservation.

For more eco-inspiration, follow her here.


Gul Panag

An Indian model, actress, certified Pilot, and former Miss India, Gul Panag is one of the few flag bearers of ecological living in India.

Her home near Pune has a green rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment. It has a rainwater harvesting system and solar panels, and a double glazed window that eliminate the need for air-conditioning inside the home.

She’s associated with Shop For Change – a citizen action initiative promotes fair trade opportunities for poor farmers of Telangana, Kutch, and Vidarbha. On the fashion front, Gul is a huge advocate of reuse and recycle, proudly reusing outfits as old as 20 years.


Emma Watson

The minute we saw Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, we all knew she was going to make her mark in the world. She’s a huge advocate for sustainable brands, hence proving that you can be a fashion icon with a small carbon footprint.

In the last 5 years, she’s signed up the Green Carpet Challenge, agreeing that every single piece she wears on the red carpet would be sustainable, set up an Instagram account called @the_press_tour, showing all of the sustainable fashion brands she wore during the Beauty and the Beast press tour.

Emma recently launched a fashion footprint calculator which tells you exactly how your fashion consumption is contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.


Cate Blanchett

This Oscar-winning actress and activist campaigns for the environment because she cares about the future generations. She’s right when she says that their future needs protecting and it lies in our hands, a generation that probably won’t be around to see it.

She’s actively involved in reducing her carbon footprint. Blanchett has played an active part in a lot of environment- friendly campaigns, from Solar Aid (solar panels for disadvantaged African communities) to The Australian Conservation Foundation. She also helped in installing a solar power roof for Australia's Sydney Theatre Company.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Everyone knows how vocal Leonardo DiCaprio is about saving the environment. If you want a glimpse of his passion for the cause, hear his Oscar speech from 2016.

His initiative, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation spreads awareness on environmental issues. His documentaries Before the Flood and Cowspiracy are a great effort towards educating people on the implications of climate change and the dramatic impact of meat production on Earth.

Apart from supporting eco-friendly products and sustainable practices, he plans to build and open an Eco-Resort in Belize. We might hear some news once the pandemic comes in control.


Keanu Reeves

Celebrities are said to have an outsized carbon footprint given their lifestyle of jet setting on private jets, unending wardrobes, and extensive cellphone usage (that adds to a whopping electricity usage).

Keanu Reeves contributes to the environment by living a real life that doesn’t contribute much to the carbon footprint. You want to know how? He doesn’t have an email address, forget having an Instagram account. He takes the subway whenever possible, travels without an entourage, and has an Eco-Conscious house in L.A.


Joaquin Phoenix

We have another Oscar winner on the list!

Joaquin might have swooped all the awards for his role in Joker this season but what made his win at the Oscars memorable (yes, more memorable than his role) was his eye-opening speech on animal cruelty, racism, and climate crisis. Supporting Sustainable fashion, Phoenix wore the same Tuxedo to all the award functions this season to help reduce waste.

He’s very vocal about the link between animal agriculture and climate change and never misses an opportunity to direct the spotlight on the topic.

All of these celebrities are using their status to raise awareness to save our planet and ensure a safe, successful, and thriving environment for future generations. Time to get inspired.

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